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The Ultimate Cold Email Guide: How to Win at Cold Emails

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What’s Inside?

15 Chapters | 106 Pages | 17 Contributors
  • Chapter 1: What is a cold email?
Chapter 1.1: Understanding the CAN-Spam act
  • Chapter 2: Coming up with an ideal customer persona
  • Chapter 3: Finding your prospect’s email address
Chapter 3.1: Verifying your email list
  • Chapter 4: Segmenting to make your email relevant
Chapter 4.1: Differentiating between prospects’ wants vs needs
Chapter 4.2: Catering to specific niches
  • Chapter 5: Building rapport before you reach out
  • Chapter 6: Writing a cold email: The REPLY method
  • Chapter 7: The art of the cold email subject
  • Chapter 8: Mastering cold email intro lines
  • Chapter 9: Personalizing your cold email
  • Chapter 10: Improving your email deliverability
Chapter 10.1: Setting up a second domain for your cold emails
  • Chapter 11: Automating your cold email campaign
Chapter 11.1: Email automation tools to use
  • Chapter 12: Sending follow up emails
  • Chapter 13: A/B testing to improve your campaigns
  • Chapter 14: Common mistakes people make with cold email
  • Chapter 15: 10+ cold emails that actually work

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